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Founded in 1989, GMW lawyers is a law firm based in The Hague, offering a broad legal focus.

Our clients include Dutch and foreign companies and individuals, public-private organisations, government and international intuitions. At GMW lawyers, we have one goal: to achieve the best result for you. We accomplish this through legal advice, litigation and mediation with skilled lawyers and staff.


Execution of foreign maintenance rulings (part I)

A while ago, the media reported that the Italian ex-wife of Ruud Gullit had seized several Dutch properties of the former professional footballer. She claims to have received too little maintenance from him. She seized the assets on the basis of a ruling by an Italian judge.

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Moving house with children without permission of your ex: 1-0 down?

In a previous weblog I explained that if you and your ex-partner have joint custody of your children, you cannot just move house and take them with you. Moving abroad with the children without the permission of your ex-partner is considered to be child abduction, with all associated consequences.

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Inheritance Law Day, free advice

Our lawyers have noticed that there is a much confusion relating to testaments and inheritance. For many people, inheritance law is not something they think about on a daily basis. Have you recorded what should happen if you suddenly become ill or pass away?

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Service desks

You have a lot more to do today. Our smart service desks provide information at your fingertips. Quick and easy.

Inheritance Desk

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The housing corporation desk

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The Owners’ Association desk

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